Five Tips to Maximise the Power of Social Media for Your Business

Utilising social media to its full potential can have a long-lasting positive impact on your business, you can discover new target audiences and promote your business on a wider scale. Here are five helpful tips to help you kick off a successful social media campaign for your business.

Key Talking Points:

Ideally, what do you want to get out of Social media? Do you want to promote your business, gain new followers, convert sales targets? The sooner you identify your main goals the easier it will be to shape content around them. Not only this but having goals means you have something to measure results and therefore success, just posting idly makes it very difficult to measure impact.

Who are you aiming your content at? If you’re marketing agency for example, you’d aim your content towards other businesses rather than a particular customer. If it’s a paid social campaign It’s important to consider the geographical location of your target audience if you’re a Hairdressing business based in Stoke, you’ll only want to target potential customers in that area. (No one wants to travel 10 miles for a haircut).

Do you want to be professional or humorous? This depends on what kind of business you are, your target audience and which channel you’re using. If you’re a Law firm on LinkedIn, posting “memes” is probably not the best idea, your posts should be professional but attention catching (It’s very easy to be professional and boring). If you’re a tradesman on Twitter your target audience will lap up humorous content so a more casual and very human tone of voice is acceptable.

Social media content should be nurtured constantly! An article from Social Report suggests posting 1-2 times per day. Throwing out the odd promotional image here and there won’t get you anywhere, throughout your campaign delivering written content such as blogs, sharing industry relevant information within articles and using your platform to listen to your target audience are all components of consistent social media content.

For a social media campaign to be successful, you must find a way to increase audience engagement.  For example, responding to customer questions on a regular basis, posting links to your own website and blog articles to increase “click-through rate”, tagging your followers in information that they might be interested in and using particular industry-relevant hashtags in your posts so they appear when someone searches this particular keyword. Sticking to all of these methods means you are sure to see an increase in audience engagement.

Here at Omnisity we offer the full web design and marketing package, including social media management.

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