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What is Search Engine Optimisation and why is it important for the growth of your business?


Search Engine Optimisation more commonly known as SEO is hugely important for the growth of your business. Having a visually satisfying website with lots of content is one thing but it’s rendered pretty useless if no one ever finds it, it must be optimised in order for Google to rank it highly.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of making the content on your website “Google friendly” in other words relevant enough for Google to rank highly, Most search engines will favour the websites with the most relevant information to the searcher therefore the content should be just that, “relevant to the searcher”

There are a number of ways to optimise on-page including the use of heading tags, image alt tags, and internal linking of keywords.… read the full article

Google releases September 2019 core update


Google announced a broad core algorithm update towards the end of last month. These updates happen several times throughout the year, and when backed by an official Google announcement, it’s often a sign that there are more impactful changes to the way rankings are decided.

Core updates affect how Google’s all-knowing algorithm ranks pages and sites by deciding which are most helpful or relevant to a particular query. Whenever google rolls out these core updates it usually has an impact on the performance of your website, for better or worse.

There are always winners and losers – for every ranking lost by a page, that same ranking is gained by another.… read the full article

Five Helpful tips for improving your SEO today!

Five SEO tips

Use keywords that are relevant to your target audience

Without the correct key terms your content won’t reach the target audience. To find these relevant words you need to first understand who your audience is, what information they need, why that information is needed and which particular keywords are being used to find it.

Make sure the written content is readable

If what is written is completely uninteresting your audience won’t stick around to read the whole thing, every element of what is written must be engaging, it should tell the individual that the information they require is here and to gain it they must read on.… read the full article