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Video creation for Diamond Box Ltd

Diamond Box is an independent supplier of corrugated packaging, We can produce everything from conventional 0201 cases to five colour SRP’s, from small and large format die cutting to complex multipoint cases with self-seal tape.

If all that sounds too technical, let us put it in simpler terms; If the product you require is made out of cardboard, then Diamond Box is the only supplier that you need to consider.… read the full article

Corporate video production

Over the years we’ve engaged with a multitude of clients, large and small from a wide range of sectors, with an interesting mix of B2B and B2C which has helped us develop what we believe to be a very useful perspective.

We specialise in helping business owners build stronger brands, present a more professional image, and win more business. Our experienced marketing team analyse and identify how you can improve exposure, formulating effective actions plans and getting the job done!

A short video is worth several million words, view our video as an introduction to our services…read the full article