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SEO Case Study: Increased traffic and engagement

SEO Case Study

Project Overview: Our client asked us to increase and drive relevant traffic to his website. The project included the integration of organic optimisation both on-site and off-site. Amends to the website to encourage user flow and ease of use, increasing website visitors and engagement.

The Problem: With our client being a manufacturer of bolts and fasteners and competing directly with major corporations with massive online spends. We were tasked with finding a solution to attaining successful search engine results through mainstream key-terms. The website lacked organic optimisation and effective call to actions.

The Goal: To increase website exposure on major search engines and increase visitor engagement throughout the website.… read the full article

SEO Case Study: Irrelevant vs relevant traffic


The Results: 84% bounce rate reduction, 90% increase in page views and a 94% increase in page sessions in just 4 months!

Project Overview: Aremco products have a fully loaded eCommerce website. The goal was simple, to reduce their bounce rate, increase page views and sessions and drive relevant customers to their website.

The Problem: An abnormally large amount of people were leaving the site upon entering, and we had to figure out why. The website lacked organic optimisation, had a bounce rate in excess of 70%, page views and sessions were not as high as could be expected and was running an eCommerce platform without a secure SSL.… read the full article