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Five Helpful tips for improving your SEO today!

Five SEO tips

Use keywords that are relevant to your target audience

Without the correct key terms your content won’t reach the target audience. To find these relevant words you need to first understand who your audience is, what information they need, why that information is needed and which particular keywords are being used to find it.

Make sure the written content is readable

If what is written is completely uninteresting your audience won’t stick around to read the whole thing, every element of what is written must be engaging, it should tell the individual that the information they require is here and to gain it they must read on.… read the full article

Google Search Algorithm August 1st Update Rolling Out Now – Core Broad Update

Update: This is now confirmed by Google. See below…

It looks like there is a big update just starting to happen in the Google search results this morning. It is super early but based on the initial chatter I am seeing within the SEO community, this one might be a very big one. It is so early that most of the tracking tools aren’t even picking it up yet. But the chatter within the community looks to me that this might be a big Google search update.

Why big? Just based on the number of posts and what they are saying within a short time period.… read the full article

Content Length vs SERP Position

Google Content Word Count

Using good quality content is important when building or optimising a website 

Content pages on your website, cover a wider berth and are preferable compared to shorter superficial content pages in the overall algorithm calculations.

A recent ranking factors study discovered that content length also correlated to ‘Search Engine Results Page’ SERP position.

What is SERP?

Search engine results pages ‘SERP’ are website pages displayed to the public when searching for something using any of the search engines such as Google or Yahoo. The user inputs the text for the term they wish to search for ‘search query’ which are known as keywords).… read the full article

SEO Case Study: Irrelevant vs relevant traffic


The Results: 84% bounce rate reduction, 90% increase in page views and a 94% increase in page sessions in just 4 months!

Project Overview: Aremco products have a fully loaded eCommerce website. The goal was simple, to reduce their bounce rate, increase page views and sessions and drive relevant customers to their website.

The Problem: An abnormally large amount of people were leaving the site upon entering, and we had to figure out why. The website lacked organic optimisation, had a bounce rate in excess of 70%, page views and sessions were not as high as could be expected and was running an eCommerce platform without a secure SSL.… read the full article

Why is SEO important?

Search Engine Optimisation

A planned, correctly executed search engine optimisation strategy put simple… offers exposure! But why is this important? Its important because it exposes your brand, product and service to the right type of person… the person who is looking for a service or product that you have to offer.

Running any type of marketing campaign can be difficult and resource heavy, but managing an effective SEO campaign and having the knowledge on how to best implement it can be a daunting task

With over 20 years adapting to the ever-changing prerequisites to succeeding on the search engine scene and a strong team of professionals who offer a wealth of experience.… read the full article