SEO Case Study: Irrelevant vs relevant traffic


The Results: 84% bounce rate reduction, 90% increase in page views and a 94% increase in page sessions in just 4 months!

Project Overview: Aremco products have a fully loaded eCommerce website. The goal was simple, to reduce their bounce rate, increase page views and sessions and drive relevant customers to their website.

The Problem: An abnormally large amount of people were leaving the site upon entering, and we had to figure out why. The website lacked organic optimisation, had a bounce rate in excess of 70%, page views and sessions were not as high as could be expected and was running an eCommerce platform without a secure SSL.

The Goal: To increase product enquiries and sales. To reduce the number of visitors leaving the website (bounce rate) while increasing relevant traffic. Integrating effective call to actions to encourage longer visitor sessions and page views.

Bounce rate

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