You want more people to see your brand...

Ultimately, it's about brand awareness.

The more people who learn of your brand, the greater the possibility that eventually some of those people will engage with you. In the marketing world it’s called “top of funnel” – it is the start of the customer journey.

Expertise to develop tactics to position your business in front of wider audiences.

25+ years experience in generating enquiries for clients across a range of sectors.

Multi-channel approach to building long term brand salience.

Google Partner, Certified Marketing Teams.

Tactics such as Paid Social Advertising can  produce some incredible results...

Social media has increasingly become the place people go to research businesses and their products. It makes sense to advertise where people are looking.

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IMA Solutions Paid Social Advert was seen by over 16,000 individuals in the first month, It generated 100+ enquiries and increased social following by over 300%.

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Since the beginning of 2021, LoneStar's brand has been seen on LinkedIn over 800,207 times, with video adverts being viewed 205,935 times. This has generated 3,347 website visits at an average cost per click of just £1.75. Our targeted approach has helped LoneStar Fasteners Europe achieve their desired outcomes, expand their reach and build their brand on social media.

When executed correctly brand awareness campaigns can foster trust, create positive associations, and build brand equity – the long-term goal is to develop and strengthen what’s called brand saliency – in other words, being remembered and being recognised, for all the right reasons. It’s part of what the boffins at The Ehrenberg-Bass Institute of Marketing Science call “Mental and Physical Availability”. We’ll work closely with you, testing and perfecting creative output to develop and refine a brand strategy that ensures your brand is easily recognised, remembered, and nurtures all desired perceptions.

We use a multichannel approach to grow brand awareness – making sure the brand positioning fits with the right customer portrait, the channels align with the target audiences, and the creative messaging resonates positively and if you need help with the strategy, we can assist from the outset with Market Orientation, basic (secondary) Market Research, Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning, leading through to Product (‘the offering’) Development, and even support you with the marketing mix via the most appropriate tactics, offering the best performing Integrated Marcomms.

    TE ESTv1 For Light Trans Lores

    Trailer Engineering had a 10.2x Increase in site visitors

    “Omnisity built us a fantastic website, then showed us where our digital marketing could be improved, they went through step by step everything from socials to You Tube and gained us massive results on Google. We continue to work closely together hitting targets month in month out.”

    Neil Hampson | Director | Trailer Engineering


    CS Labels saw a 207% increase in
    valuable website actions

    “Supportive from day one! They’ve engaged with multiple projects including new website development (more than one!), delivery and evolvement. Omnisity also deliver associated SEO strategies, copywriting (again executed perfectly), and have provided a number of services from photography, graphic design, video content and CRM integration support."

    Gill Lockley | Marketing Manager | CS Labels

    27+ years of developing partnerships for ongoing success

    We’ve had the privilege of working with some great people over the years, sometimes dealing with big organisations, sometimes helping smaller, more family-orientated businesses. But no matter what the size, or type of organisation there's always been one common thread we've noticed over the years - ‘people buy from people’.