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“£230,000 increase” - This is why you should engage with us for brand awareness...

  • Expertise to develop tactics to position your business in front of wider audiences.
  • 25+ years experience in generating enquiries for clients across a range of sectors.
  • Multi-channel approach to building long term brand salience.
  • Google Partner, Certified Marketing Teams.

£230,000 increase

"The re-branding has taken us to a different level - it’s helped us to promote new products and successfully take them to new markets. The trade shows have been especially successful and Omnisity’s assistance has enabled us to achieve this far more quickly.”

Richard Dunn
Managing Director | Sinops

Omnisity helped BCTG raise Brand Awareness

"Very professional and extremely responsive - Omnisity helped us to move both our business and our image up to the next level in an extremely professional manner. The support and advice provided has helped us to successfully grow the business and we could not have asked for a better service – I would not hesitate to recommend Omnisity to anyone looking to make a positive impact on their business.”

Jo Robb
Client Services Manager | BCTG

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    Ultimately, it's about awareness: the more people who learn of your brand, the greater the possibility that eventually some of those people will engage with you. In the marketing world it’s called “top of funnel” – it is the start of the customer journey.

    When executed correctly...

    ...brand awareness campaigns can foster trust, create positive associations, and build brand equity – the long-term goal is to develop and strengthen what’s called brand saliency – in other words, being remembered and being recognised, for all the right reasons.

    It’s part of what the boffins at The Ehrenberg-Bass Institute of Marketing Science call “Mental and Physical Availability”.

    We’ll work closely with you, testing and perfecting creative output to develop and refine a brand strategy that ensures your brand is easily recognised, remembered, and nurtures all desired perceptions.

    We use a multichannel approach to grow brand awareness – making sure the brand positioning fits with the right customer portrait, the channels align with the target audiences, and the creative messaging resonates positively.


    ...if you need help with the strategy, we can assist from the outset with Market Orientation, basic (secondary) Market Research, Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning, leading through to Product (‘the offering’) Development, and even support you with the marketing mix via the most appropriate tactics, offering the best performing Integrated Marcomms.

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