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Business Owner &/or a Managing Director...

We understand the difficulties of balancing the day-to-day responsibilities that come with the title of Managing Director or Business Owner.

Either you’re a Managing Director or a Business Owner - possibly both. Either way it’s a tough job.

A Managing Directors responsibilities are vast and wide-ranging: developing and executing business plans, and controlling the overall business operations, to place your organisation on the path to achieving your desired goals. Alongside keeping an eye on the financial side of things, sales forecasts, and even quality control, there's plenty to fill your day as a Managing Director.

Just how busy you are with the day-to-day operations may well influence the amount of time you have to focus on marketing your business. We’ve learnt over the past twenty years that as often as not marketing is the least favourite subject for most MD’s and business owners.

And this is where we can help take the pressure off

We offer a multitude of solutions, based on years of experience working with MD’s and business owners, that yield positive, measurable results.

Depending on your business goals, and the overall plan, you may already have a marketing strategy - if not, we can work with you to research the market and your competition, and help produce an affordable, scalable plan designed to create both sales and long-term brand awareness.

We help businesses grow online

Business Owner / Managing Director

Increased Profits by 40%

"As a company director for over 13 years and a member of staff for over 31 years I always felt that Trailer Engineering fell short when it came to marketing."

"Before Omnisity we were heavily over-spending on our marketing
Omnisity came recommended, and set to completely re-designing our website, they even sorted a government grant to pay towards website build. It didn’t stop there, they also looked at our complete digital footprint and advised us there is more to marketing than just a website."

The Results

"We are now paying half what we were paying for our web upkeep, SEO and support. Over the three years we have been with Omnisity, we have increased our staff by 30% and in turn increased profits by 40%."

"Trailer Engineering will continue to work with Omnisity building on what we have achieved in such a small amount of time and I can’t recommend them enough."

Neil Hampson | Director | Trailer Engineering

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