Solving Problems in sheet metal for some of the worlds Biggest Brands


Increase in organic conversations


Reduction in bounce rate


Increase in average monthly organic traffic

Solving Problems in sheet metal for some of the worlds Biggest Brands

A dedicated team of experts and the best facilities, combined with an atmosphere designed to promote excellence, Radshape has combined speed of delivery, with exceptional quality and value in sheet metal solutions since 1967.


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Radshape’s Managing Director Ian Morell needed a powerful and dynamic web presence to match his organisation's diversification plans. After scouring the web for local suppliers, Ian discovered Omnisity, and the rest, as they say, is history!

The site has been designed specifically to appeal to a wide range of potential new customers. Utilising the latest WordPress content management system, Ian and his team have all the tools they need to grow the site content in a precise and structured way.

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LinkedIn Advertising

One of several highly targeted and successful LinkedIn video advertising campaigns completed for Radshape on LinkedIn.

This Video Advert was seen 17,891 times over a 30 day period and generated a total of 313 engagements at an average cost of just 9 pence per viewing by UK LinkedIn members.