Claim an Inactive or Desired Twitter Username

Whether a competitor has intentionally taken your brand name, or an account which has been inactive for some time is using that name, there are ways to take ownership of it. Twitter’s user policy allows people to reclaim inactive accounts that have been inactive, not been tweeted from or been logged into in several months. Alternatively, if you own the domain name (.com) associated to that brand, you may be able to reclaim that name.

For example, suppose you own and want the Twitter username to match; if it's in use, there's a good chance you can file an impersonation claim and take ownership of the @omnisity username.

Follow These Simple Steps to Claim an Inactive Twitter Username:

  • 1 Go to:
  • 2 Select ‘I am being impersonated’.
  • 3 Follow the steps by providing Twitter with the information requested.
  • 4 Complete the form, giving a detailed description of why you think the twitter handle should be released. This is where you should tell them you own the domain and any entities related directly to the username (you will likely have to prove it by emailing them from the domain). If you have any registered trademarks for the name, you should tell them this as well.
  • 5 Within a few working days, you should get a response from Twitter support and have an answer.
Claim an Inactive Twitter Username

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