Exhibition Display Design

Delivering a great first impression

When your business takes part in an exhibition, the way you present your organisation is an important part of the journey for potential new customers.

Creative exhibition display design for every budget.

Integrated marketing solutions to drive stand visits.

Reusable wall-to-wall Shell scheme graphics.

D Designs which make an impact

Although your display is probably not the first touchpoint, it’s very possibly going to be the first major impression when it comes to taking part in an exhibition. It therefore offers a chance to promote your brand in a personal one-on-one interaction – let’s not forget ‘people buy from people’.

The stand needs be designed with your overall marketing strategy in mind, and with a visual impact that not only stops passers-by, but either beckons them onto the stand, or at the very least leaves a positive brand impression.

Our success in delivering effective exhibition stands can be attributed to our full-service offering. We don’t simply design exhibition stands in isolation, we do so as part of a wider marketing strategy, so that the finished design is not only effective in its own right, but also works seamlessly with the rest of your branding and positioning.

This means that the exhibition stand will work to reinforce your positioning towards your target customer, while differentiating you from the competition.

Make sure your exhibition displays are fit for your business goals!

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Exhibition Display Design Agency

We Work in Close Partnership With Each Client

At Omnisity, we create exhibition experiences that guarantee maximum impact in time and on budget. This could mean delivering anything from a simple pull up banner to a custom-designed stand.

For a solution that hits the sweet spot between affordability and high-impact effectiveness, we offer a shell scheme ‘Total Wall’ system that is flexible, completely reusable and easy to transport from one exhibition to the next.

From stand design to modular pop-up solutions with high impact graphic design, we deliver exhibition solutions that catch the eye, hold the attention and drive your brand home.

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