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Accurate targeting means the maximum return on your budget.

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Discover the potential customers available before you commit to anything.


We'll put your business in front of the people most likely to buy your products or services for just £700

By harnessing the massive reach of LinkedIn’s advertising platform,  just chose the job titles, the industry sectors, and the geographical areas and we’ll do the rest.

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    Real success, from real clients

    A small selection of customer campaigns. Get in touch if you're interested in seeing a more extensive collection of effective video advertising for business-to-business organisations.

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    1,175 engagements

    Seen by 64,298 potential customers and generated 1,175 engagements.

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    Seen by 6,186 people

    This video advert was watched by 6,186 people at a cost of just 5 pence per view.

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    Seen by 6,220 people

    Reached 6,220 targeted potential customers in 29 days with a cost of just £12.10 per 1,000 views.

    Risk free!

    No upfront costs, no obligations.

    We can accurately calculate the potential size of the audience you’re looking to engage with before you spend a single penny.

    You can’t sell to someone who’s never even heard of you.

    Utilising video advertising on LinkedIn along with an accurately targeted audience not only builds great brand awareness, but also generates the potential for serious enquiries for your products or services. And with more than 34 million LinkedIn users in the UK covering just about every job role, in every industry you can name, there are bound to be opportunities no matter what you’re selling.

    We use the latest video creation technology and market research techniques to make sure your advert is optimised for the target audience.

    Get in touch today to see how truly cost-effective it can be to put your businesses in front of the people that matter.


    The Omni-outtakes

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    *Independent research has shown that…

    4 out 5 LinkedIn members are business decision-makers.

    Businesses have seen a 33% increase in purchase intent from advertising on LinkedIn.11

    Marketing sees up to 2x higher sales conversion rates on LinkedIn.

    79% of marketers say LinkedIn adverts produce the best results.


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