Increasing Website Leads: Five Effective Ways to Gain More Enquiries

As a business, this presents an opportunity for you to establish a digital presence. How do you create a responsive website that can answer your visitor's questions? Most importantly, do you know how to generate more website enquiries and drive more traffic? When a business receives a website enquiry, it is a signal that, at the very least, the potential customer is interested in your products and would like to know more before deciding to make a purchase. When this occurs, it is the perfect time for you to start a conversation with them via live chat or emails to land that sale.

When designing a new website or upgrading an existing one, there are a few things to consider. Primarily, you must always ensure that you see things from your visitor's point of view. Your website is not an extension of what your tastes are; instead, it is an extension of your business and should be inviting to the types of people that visit your business. Common questions that most visitors ask themselves while browsing through an online store focus on the credibility of the business, the quality of the product, the cost of the product, and if there is someone readily available to guide them throughout the shopping process if needed. With these few questions in mind, you can design a website that gives them avenues to find the answers they seek.

The more people enquire about your products and services, the more sales you will likely make. Enquiries, therefore, are one way of measuring the success of ongoing marketing efforts and an important step between attracting an audience and making them customers. That being said, here are some effective ways to increase the rate of your website enquiries.

Key Talking Points:

One of the main visual elements on a standard webpage is a header. It is one of the first things your visitors see when they open a web page. The header is a vital piece of space on your website, and it serves various functions depending on the type of business you run.

Headers are typographic or visual elements that run across a website's homepage and every other page of your site. It is an excellent tool that helps visitors recognise your company, especially if it features your business' name, logo, and colours. Many headers are functional and can redirect users to another page when clicked on. It is a great way to make a first impression, especially on first-time visitors.

One of the best ways to increase website leads on your website is by placing your contact information and your business name in your header. It makes your business appear more accessible, and it catches your visitor's eye quickly. Instead of scrolling to the bottom of the page, your visitor can be easily redirected to your enquiry page by clicking the contact information you have provided. There are various formats to use, such as placing a telephone or email icon or through text. You can also shrink the website header to keep only the contact information visible as visitors scroll through your website. Ensure that you run responsive website testing sessions from time to time.

Example: Shown in the image above is an example of an email and phone call link that has been included within the header of De-Met's website (an Omnisity client).

A responsive website design can easily change your business for the better. It improves the overall user experience for your web visitors, effectively driving more traffic to your site and helping your website visitors navigate to the most important pages on your website easily - helping you increase the total number of website leads. Most importantly, it also drives up the rate of generating a website enquiry that you can easily close as a sale.

A responsive website design makes it possible for your business to be displayed on all types of screens, from desktop computers to your smartphone. Your visitors can easily browse through your products on their phones and enjoy the process just as they would on the computers. It also allows you to use several communication tools or channels to help you chat with your customers in real-time.

Features like live chats are excellent choices for helping potential customers with issues that can be quickly resolved. It also eliminates the extra amount of time emailing back and forth with customers. Chatbots are also effective features to include if you want to increase your website enquiry rates. They are better options because using live chats means you must be available 24/7. With chatbots, your business is available at all times. They are best used to handle basic enquiries. Occasionally, you should conduct responsive website testing to ensure your site meets the standards.

If you have a website and customers still cannot find where or how to contact you, your online business will miss out on potential website leads and begin to steadily decline because they will visit another website that contains an easily accessible contact page, that contains several calls to action including enquiry forms for websites. Contact forms on websites should be easily identifiable and accessible on every page on your website.

Most websites use their website header (the top of your website) to place different calls to action to help increase the total number of website leads that their website generates. However, you can also place a contact form on the sidebar, as it follows a visitor when they are scrolling down your website. The goal of placing it at a convenient location is for the customer to immediately send an enquiry when a product piques their interest. When they spend time scrolling for your contact forms (also known as enquiry forms for websites), they could easily get distracted and forget what they were looking for.

Having enquiry forms for websites might seem like a not-so-important issue, but it has the capability of generating high-quality website leads for your business. Making it more accessible to all kinds of users will increase the total number of website enquiries that your website generates. Several tools are available that make it easier for you to improve your website's accessibility in record minutes.

Ensure that you optimise your contact forms on websites to appear properly on all types of screens. Also, make sure that filling out a contact form is simple and can be done in a short time. You can ask users to share the most important information and try to limit your fields to 6 or fewer. The most important thing is that you have established contact. You can follow up with any other secondary information you might require later. You should also test them frequently to ensure that they are working efficiently.

Example: Above you can see an example of an optimised contact form that has been positioned effectively to increase the total number of website leads from contact forms on Nova Catering.

Simple yet effective website navigation is critical to the success of your business website. It improves user experience, essentially making it easier for website users to navigate to the most important pages on your website, such as product or service pages. Even if you have a wide range of products on offer, users should be able to navigate your website easily, and its design should be simple and consistent throughout to provide you with the best opportunity to generate more leads through your website.

When your potential customer is satisfied with how easily they can browse through your website, it increases their chances of sending an enquiry. That's because it makes your business appear more professional and credible, and they can expect to hear from you in a timely manner. When making site navigation better, you should always imagine it as a map or a sequence, where everything flows, and your users can explore all parts of your website without getting lost, reducing the possibility of losing potential high-quality website leads.

You can include text links that your users can click to redirect to a page that interests them. Drop-down menus are also extremely popular and help users find categories or products they are searching for. You can also include a search bar on your web pages. These are typically found at the top right corner of your website, but they could also be located at the bottom or right sides. Other websites also use sitemaps, like blueprints that help users find different web pages on your business website. Sitemaps can also enhance your website's rankings in search engines; therefore, they are capable of improving your SEO efforts.

Having a strong call to action on websites is crucial, and you should consider including a call to action (CTA) button on your website. The call to action definition is a piece of marketing content or command that persuades users to heed an action. Humans respond better to commands they are consciously or subconsciously asked to do. When creating your call to action, you have to ensure that it will help you elicit a specific response you are looking for. Some call to action examples include, "Become a member today!" or "Get in touch with us now!"

The positioning of your call to action is also very vital. It should be placed high up on your page and should have a central position to always be visible to users when they visit your website.

Ensure that your CTAs are clear and concise, without repeating messages across pages. One line should suffice and should spell out what you need from users. It should also be clickable and can redirect users to a related page. Your CTAs must also be relevant and relate to the particular content on the webpage, in order to better embed the call-to-action into the service or product displayed on the page. Finally, your CTA should have your contact details. Your contact information should be on every page to help you increase website leads.

By using these simple yet effective tips throughout your business’ website, your site will be best positioned to generate and manage enquiries in a way which satisfies both customers and your business.

Example: The image above shows additional calls to action (CTAs) that have been implemented throughout the page content of the Nova Catering website. This provides the user with multiple opportunities to get in touch.

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