Omnisity 2022: A Year In Review

Although there were challenges, 2022 was a great year overall for Omnisity and the team.  We officially became a Registered Brand, awarded by the Intellectual Property Office UK. 2022 also brought about the 25th year anniversary of Anno Digital – the web development business, registered 1997, which would evolve into the Omnisity we know today.

Despite our age, our look is fresher than ever, with a complete website redesign for the business. Alongside the introduction of our iconic orange branding, we achieved a website which is easy to navigate and engage with, and which better explains our range of services for our new and existing clients.

Key Talking Points:

Since the company’s origins in 1997, we have specialised in website design and development. Of course, this has evolved substantially over the years and 2022 was no exception.

Our clients have benefited from a new way to communicate with us and take control following their in-person web design brief; through an intuitive platform, our clients can get their ideas across in a more direct way than ever. This has allowed us to better incorporate our clients’ requests whilst still creating websites which work hard as an online sales tool.

We’ve created an expanse of amazing websites this year for a variety of clients across industries, with our expert team working on a total of 71 websites in 2022. Here's just a tiny selection…

Our digital marketing capacity has grown greatly over the course of the year, with search engine optimisation (more frequently known as SEO) at the helm of this.

Rob was promoted to SEO Manager this year, and with this he brought along years of industry knowledge which he has used to evolve our existing practises and implement innovative strategies to support clients’ goals. Rob’s approach to SEO is structured around truly custom campaigns for every client to ensure we maximise the potential for success.

This refreshed approach to our SEO has led to even greater results for clients.

Worlifts has achieved over a 400% increase in website visits over 12 months. This is as a result of a well-planned site restructure to ensure that the vast array of products and services available across multiple company divisions are well represented within a logically organised website.

Master Key Systems has tripled their organic traffic over a 12-month period. A hugely successful campaign to cement Master Key Systems as the industry leading experts for Euro Cylinder Locks has driven this success.

A&M EDM has seen their organic traffic hit 4 figures for the first time after a four-fold increase from the beginning of their SEO campaign. Driven by a website restructure and the addition of a new Knowledge Base to assist potential clients, the future looks bright for 2023.

We can’t wait to see the ideas Rob implements in 2023…

With Jordan at the head of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising this year, our PPC department has generated incredible success for clients, alongside high client retention.

PPC is a marketing channel which utilises strategically placed adverts on search engines such as Google. Jordan’s role is to ensure these adverts are seen by and appeal to our clients’ target audience.

Take a look at some of our high performing case studies from 2022.

Recyclers Rewarded has achieved a 900% increase in conversions over 6 months. This is a 900% increase in the number of people who are calling, submitting an enquiry form or emailing. More specifically, Recyclers Rewarded has gone from 6 to 60 people enquiring about their services per month in just 6 months!

Nova Catering Repairs has achieved an average conversion rate of 25% in 2022. Conversion rates track the percentage of those converting after seeing the advert - in this case, 1 in 4 people who see the advert are calling, submitting an enquiry form, or emailing. (A conversion rate is different to an increase in conversions since it tracks the entirety of your audience, rather than just the number of those converting.)

Atlas Forklift achieved a 20.93% conversion rate in October 2022. Maintained monthly conversion rates of 20% and above across our PPC portfolio are impressive, particularly when you consider the average conversion rate for the industrial and commercial sector is 7.78%!

Well done, Jord!

Another marketing channel which has seen great success this year is Paid Social Advertising.

Our strategically curated videos promoting our clients' services and products online have obtained a global reach of over 1 million people on LinkedIn this year.

Lonestar Fasteners Europe's advert has been viewed over 491,000 times.

Our social media department has seen substantial growth this past year, as more clients are utilising strategic activity on social media to augment their online presence and brand awareness.

Alongside the client-side work, we’ve also focussed on our own social media this year, too, enabling us to engage more with our audience and learn first-hand what appeals most to our audience.

We’ve found our top performing posts this year have centred around our team – new staff members and the adventures of Rocco the office dog – as well as current events, such as our countdown to Christmas. This reinforces the ethos of Omnisity – that people buy from people.

“We’ve significantly grown our audience on LinkedIn this year. We developed a strategy which has enabled us to post more frequently, utilising a variety of high quality and engaging posts to keep our account fresh, informative, and fun for our community.”

The Social Team.

2022 was a great year for Omnisity, and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed helping our clients achieve their goals – whether that be a new website, or a successful marketing campaign. This, of course, would not be possible without our amazing in-house team.

We can’t wait to carry these new ideas, systems, and processes through to 2023, and continue to build upon the success we’ve seen this year!

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