Your brand stands for almost everything about your business.

It makes a statement every time it’s seen – from a business card to a 40ft trailer on the M6. And as most organisations want to be a potential customer’s first choice - careful brand development and management can help play a major role in achieving that goal.

From initial concepts to full blown brand architecture. We've worked with a wide variety of clients, both large and small to bring clarity to their brand. Ensuring both message and positioning is aligned accurately with the organisations culture and values.



The concept of branding goes far beyond just a logo, it represents the core values of the business, extending to represent the organisations reputation and a reflection of the experiences of its customers.

Brand positioning is about what your customers think of your business. Aligning ‘what you say’ with ‘what you do best’ helps build a stronger brand, and the stronger the brand – the better the business performs.

Brand development encompasses numerous activities, one of the most important being the design of a strong and memorable brand image. The brand can consist of one or two elements, the Wordmarque, and a Device. For example 'Mercedes Benz' is the Wordmarque and the 'three pointed star' is the device.

Whereas the brand strategy is the plan conceived to focus on the further developments of the brand. Well designed and properly executed brand strategies can have a positive impact on all aspects of the business.

Brand Management covers the ongoing maintenance of the brand, ensuring consistency of the brand image and the associated elements or styles helps strengthen the brand and reinforce that all important brand recognition.

So whether it's a case of brand evolution, or brand revolution - we can sort it out.

If you're interested in developing your brand, take a look at our brand portfolio.


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