Regardless of what you may have heard - print isn't dead!

In fact it's very much alive and kicking. A survey conducted by JWT found that 67% of adults preferred the tactile feel of print material, rather than the emotional void of its digital equivalent.

From a marketing perspective it makes sense to utilise multiple channels of communication to reach the target market.

And with so many organisations hammering on the 'bulk email' door, and often getting completely ignored - printed materials, if intelligently designed and carefully executed can have a far better return on investment.

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Kilby Packaging

brochures / direct mail

Although it's important to provide web users access to digital versions of promotional brochures and product catalogues, the true effectiveness of this collateral often comes from their physical counterparts.

We've had great success helping clients produce well designed product catalogues and direct mail pieces. Our experience coupled with our extensive network of data suppliers and bulk mail fulfilment houses means we can offer a complete end to end solution designed to maximise the ROI on virtually any printed materials.

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Lonestar Group


Even in this highly connected digital world there remains a place for traditional print advertising. In fact research conducted by the ABMIC indicated that print media advertising in the B2B arena is still a strong marketing medium - 45% of over 6000 decision makers interviewed said they rely on printed magazines for purchasing information.

So, whether it's a case of brand reinforcement, product or service launches, or part of a larger sales campaign we'll find the best, most cost effective creative solution. And thanks to the 'Digital Revolution' print media advertising rates are generally less than they once were.

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Robopod Stand
Robopod Machine


"Exhibitions aren't what they used to be" was a statement recently heard during a new business meeting. And although thanks to the recession it's true a lot of organisations pulled the budget on their exhibition plans, things certainly seem to be turning around.

We've got a raft of clients we've supported with design, stand build and marketing services who've enjoyed great success at exhibitions. Our cost effective shell scheme 'Total Wall' system is flexible, cheap to produce, very easy to transport and fully reusable.

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