We feel it helps to have more than just one perspective; it lets you see things differently.

Which is exactly what we've had to do over the years thanks to our involvement with both B2B and B2C clients...

And there are definitely some significant differences in how the two disciplines operate.

'Business to Business' (B2B) marketing isn't necessarily just like its big brother 'Business to Consumer' (B2C) marketing.

For instance, there's often far greater complexity involved in the buying decision in the business world as a multitude of people are generally involved, whereas in the domestic world it generally comes down to just one person's choice of brand, driven either by experience, belief, or cost.



Of course not all business buying decisions necessitate a diverse Decision Making Unit (DMU) as it hardly takes more than one person to buy some envelopes.

But for larger, more business critical purchases the process can be a very protracted affaire, coupled with the fact each person involved in the DMU no doubt brings their own experiences, beliefs and agendas.

The Production Director wants the best possible throughput, while the Finance Director needs to show value for money, while the MD probably wants both and a whole lot more!

With this in mind it's a good idea to get an understanding of the IPD's (Issues, Pains and Drivers) of all parties involved in the DMU's for the target market you're looking to sell into.

That said, it's all well and good understanding what drives the buyer, what issues the production manager may be encountering, and what pain the MD is currently feeling, but there is still the need to address the five most basic points within the initial sales process:

  • Cost - is the price right, is there value for money in the proposition?
  • Quality/Suitably - is this a quality product (service), will it last, will it work?
  • Geography - is the seller close enough to maintain the product/service?
  • Security - are we safe dealing with this supplier, reputations are at stake if things go wrong.
  • Emotion - does the face fit, do we like these people?

The latter of course comes once the salesman's in front of the prospect. So all in all, it's potentially a complex proposition just to get 'your foot in the door'.

Luckily We've got a great track record when it comes to helping our clients get their 'foot in the door', as well as pushing consumers towards our B2C clients’ products and services.

But when we come down to brass tacks, there is of course a degree of common ground between B2B and B2C for the larger, more important purchases - but what it's really all about is P2P - Person to Person. After all, people buy from people.

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