Science City

"Omnisity always go the extra mile….. and the results are always well thought through and extremely professional."

David Cooper
Head of Marketing and Business Engagement,
University of Birmingham

The Case Studies - Birmingham Science City





Birmingham Science City is a region-wide partnership of public sector, businesses and local universities, which is facilitating the use of science and technology to improve the quality of life and prosperity of the West Midlands. The is aim to create strategies to exploit centres of world-class scientific research, by developing relevant activities for sustainable economic and social benefit.





Services supplied

We were awarded the initial project based on a successful competitive tender for the supply of branding and business development strategies. During the programme we provided a full range of marketing services including the creation of a largescale image library based on unique photography to gain creative impact.

  • Created core B2B brand positioning and split focus messaging for the three core areas of activity
  • Created and designed press advertisements and newsletters
  • Created suite of promotional literature and exhibition materials for use by business engagement specialists


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