The Metal Centre

"Ours is a unique service within a highly specialised market place. Omnisity quickly understood our needs and have worked consistently well over the years delivering a range of communications which is the envy of our industry"

Nick Whitehouse
Sales Manager

The Case Studies - The Metal Center




The Metal Centre is the UK's leading independent supplier of stainless steel and non-ferrous metals to the UK stockholder market.

The Metal Centre has achieved phenomenal growth and success based on its focus on exemplary customer service and has more than doubled in size since 2002.




Services supplied

We’ve worked closely with the sales and marketing team to supply a range of marketing services to support the continued growth of the organisation including consultancy, brand development, literature and web design services all the way to designing and organising installation of the huge monolith sigs around the organisations main distribution site.

We’ve been responsible for:

  • Complete brand redevelopment
  • Literature and customer communications
  • Purpose built database driven Web site
  • Case Study development


The Metal Center
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