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Fulvio ColellaFulvio Colella
09:59 21 Oct 21
Omnisity Team have been looking after our website for a number of years and have always been honest and hardworking.Yesterday I had a training afternoon which were arranged by David with Joe and it was perfect can not wait for the next one..I love the new site and it was great to see the whole team again, keep up the good work all
Vivek HandaVivek Handa
17:18 02 May 21
Very professional company, great to work with. Highly recommend.
james campbelljames campbell
21:21 26 Mar 21
Very impressed with the team and the set up, looking forward to working with them.
Simon OrpeSimon Orpe
16:55 28 Jan 21
The Omnisity team have a very professional approach from start to finish.
Timothy SheriffTimothy Sheriff
10:08 12 Jan 21
Matthew Davies made an initial approach to me via LinkedIn. We were considering a new website having become a Certified Partner on the CDK Global Partner Programme, so the timing was perfect. From the initial contact through the journey, the team have been professional and responsive at all times. The team at Omnisity talk our language and have prepared a clean professional feel website for us. I strongly recommend them when considering your website and strategic marketing.

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    Why does Web Design matter?

    It’s a good question – after all, pretty much every single business now has a website of some sort – and it’s true most of them are just based on standardised templates. So, what’s the big deal?

    Well, a website without leads and conversions is like a store without customers; and if your website looks and sounds like your competitors, you’re not doing a very good job of standing out from the crowd, are you?




    So, what if your business had a website that wasn’t like all the others – what if your new website actually looked better, had a more intelligent, more accurately focused message? Now add in some highly researched, precisely positioned quality keyword-driven content that drove even more enquiries via Google. Wouldn’t that be a good idea?

    Of course, there’s more to it than just that, the actual platform that your website lives on is pretty important too, what with WordPress, Joomla, ASP, OpenCart blah blah blah… The list goes on and on!

    So, to get a good, easily digestible understanding of why top quality web design (and web development) is so important to your business – come and talk to us. We’re really friendly, we don’t bite, we won’t confuse you with technical jargon, and the freshly ground coffee is amazing!

    Oh, by the way, the number is – 01384 294 444

    The project cycle

    • Briefing Icon

      1. Briefing

      This is the stage where we meet to discuss design, functionality and positioning (messaging) of the new website.

    • Research

      2. Research

      We’ll conduct online competitor and customer research to ensure the design and positioning of the new site is on target.

    • Design

      3. Design

      The information generated via the briefing and research phases feeds into the creation and refinement of an initial design concept. 

    • Presentation

      4. Design Presentation

      At this stage we’ll present the finished design concept along with the ‘Positioning’ rationale – this is your chance to comment and request any amends to the design.

    • Conent Stratagy

      5. Content Strategy

      For this we’ll need to spend a little time together so we can develop a content strategy built to drive relevant enquiries for your business.

    • Development

      6. Development

      Here we’ll start bolting it all together, along with CMS development work and bespoke functionality that may be needed to guarantee a successful project.

    • System Presentation

      7. System Presentation

      This is where we present the site in a basic wireframe environment, along with a CMS presentation to ensure it all functions perfectly.

    • Propagation

      8. Content & CMS Training

      This is where your approved content is loaded onto the site for testing, followed by your training session on the use of the CMS.

    • Final Test

      9. Final Test and Site Launch

      When content loading has finished, final system tests are conducted and your new website is launched onto the World Wide Web. Congratulations!!

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