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Impressions obtained through PSA on LinkedIn.


Paid Advert website visits with a 14.4% average click-through rate.


Views for a single PSA video over a 30 day period and generated a total of 1,467 engagements.

The Brief


LoneStar Fasteners Europe is a leading manufacturer of high-integrity fasteners, petrochemical bolting, and machined parts for critical industry sectors. They are known for their exemplary quality, reliability, and service to customers. However, they had little visibility on social media, especially LinkedIn, which is a powerful platform for B2B marketing. This is where Omnisity stepped in to help.

The problem: LoneStar Fasteners Europe was facing a lack of visibility on social media, which was hindering their ability to reach potential customers and showcase their products to a wider audience. They realised that they needed to improve their social media presence, especially on LinkedIn, to expand their reach and build their brand.

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What we did

The solution: We implemented a series of paid social media campaigns targeting various product offerings aligned with research target audiences accurately. We used our expertise in paid social media advertising to create a strategic plan to reach buyers in various global locations.

Our team developed eye-catching and brilliantly positioned creative messaging that fostered long-term brand building and trust. We incorporated video motion graphics to make the messaging even more engaging, ensuring that LoneStar's products stood out in a crowded marketplace.

Paid Social Advertising through LinkedIn

This Video Advert was seen 32,144 times over a 30 day period and generated a total of 1,467 engagements at an average cost of just £10.00 per 1,000 LinkedIn members across several continents.

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The Results

Since the beginning of 2021, LoneStar's brand has been seen on LinkedIn over 800,207 times, with video adverts being viewed 205,935 times. This has generated 3,347 website visits at an average cost per click of just £1.75. Our targeted approach has helped LoneStar Fasteners Europe achieve their desired outcomes, expand their reach and build their brand on social media.

By utilising our paid social media advertising expertise, LoneStar Fasteners Europe was able to achieve impressive results that have helped them grow their online presence and generate more leads. Our targeted approach ensured that their messaging was reaching the right audiences, resulting in an increase in website visits and brand exposure. By incorporating video motion graphics, we were able to create a more engaging and memorable experience for potential customers.

Overall, our approach to paid social media advertising helped LoneStar Fasteners Europe achieve their goals of increasing their online visibility and brand awareness. We are proud to have helped LoneStar Fasteners Europe reach their potential on social media, showcasing their products to a wider audience and generating more leads for their business.

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