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SEO is all about you and your audience, we just bridge the gap. We do so by providing digital marketing across the West Midlands; serving Dudley, Birmingham, Worcestershire and beyond.


Our SEO expert services nurture your website and generate sustainable growth.

Tailored strategies informed by the latest data, trends, and technology.

Capitalise on simple, measurable, and actionable results.

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Our SEO expert services nurture your website and generate sustainable growth.


Years in business

Tailored strategies informed by the latest data, trends, and technology.


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Capitalise on simple, measurable, and actionable results.


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Search Engine Optimisation without the complexities

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation: a collection of optimisation techniques that help boost a website’s position in a search engine’s rankings - ultimately making your website easier to find online.

These optimisation techniques consist of onsite fixes, technical SEO (the mechanics behind how your website works), and content marketing - all of which aim to encourage traffic to your site organically. Successful SEO will prompt quality traffic - users that are interested in your product or relevant to your industry - rather than just any search engine user, alongside increasing the amount of quality users visiting your site.

You don’t have to understand the ins and outs of our SEO expert services to make sense of the results it can bring. Through the setting of clear goals and the implementation of long-term strategies devised to meet them, we have made a great impression on numerous businesses that have invested in SEO.

As an SEO agency, we aim to ensure that your website fits your business goals!

Why Choose Our SEO Expert Services?

It’s simple: our SEO expert services help our clients to expand their customer base and potential for profitability through a transparent service, headed by an upfront breakdown of costs. Our no-nonsense approach to SEO is reflected in high customer retention and our Net Promotor Score of +78*.

Whilst we provide beautifully crafted websites, they do more than just look pretty – Omnisity’s optimised websites work hard to attract customers relevant to your business.

This is all driven by our specialist teams, meaning we offer complete website development and digital marketing services under one roof.

But, most importantly –  our SEO expert services work. We have the portfolio and statistics to back this up.

*Net Promotor Score is an industry metric reflecting customer satisfaction.

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The Benefits of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

There are many benefits which can be seen when executing a well-thought-out, long-term strategy. Some of the benefits of our SEO expert services include:

Return on Investment.

As an SEO agency, we provide ourselves on consistently delivering a well-implemented strategy and an impressive return on investment.

Greater Reach.

An optimised website can reach a greater number of potential customers through organic discovery, both local and afar.

Inbound Marketing.

SEO is an inbound marketing strategy, meaning customers are seeking you to resolve their problems, rather than you approaching customers.

Targets Customers at All Stages of the Marketing Process.

Optimised websites are designed to target all types of customers – from new potential audiences to loyal clientele.

Maximises Other Marketing Campaigns.

SEO works complementary to additional marketing strategies such as PPC and PSA.

Improves Website Usability.

A website which is quicker and easier to navigate for a user is more appealing and can reduce the number of customers bouncing off your site when it doesn’t meet their expectations.

Quantifiable Results.

SEO obtains measurable and actionable results for a transparent service.

Boosts Credibility.

The majority of searchers don’t click on page 2 of the search engine results page, so getting to page one can boost the credibility and visibility of your site.

24/7 Promotion.

Consistent optimisations mean your website can be found at all hours of the day, 365 days a year.

So How Does SEO Work?

Platforms such as Google Search and Bing use metrics to best match a user’s query to the most relevant answer contained within its index of website pages.

Numerous algorithms are used to do this so search engines can analyse and interpret the intent of a user’s query, alongside the content of a website that answers this query.

These algorithms are constantly changing as search engines update the way they understand language, meaning the order in which websites are deemed most valuable, also changes.

Our SEO expert services work by tracking the changes in a search engine’s algorithms and the trends within a searcher’s language habits; keeping an eye on what competitors are doing and keeping your own site full of up-to-date and unique content to meet the requirements of search engines.

SEO is an ongoing and continuous process, allowing your website to adapt, improve, and pull away from the competition.

Content marketing refers to the generation of relevant and useful content, as a part of a larger strategy designed to increase awareness, engagement, and loyalty of a brand, product or service amongst a specified target audience. In this way, content marketing can be seen as a branch of SEO and complementary to other marketing strategies, although it can be performed independently.

Content can appear as educational, creative or persuasive copy, videos, podcasts and more, on a website, social media channel, print publication or email, amongst other platforms.

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