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We have a NPS (Net Promoter Score) of +72,  our services will have you telling all of your friends and LinkedIn network about how great we are.
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Where it all began

We started out originally as a website development business (called ‘Anno Digital’ – Registered September 1997) – one of the earliest projects we undertook was the development of the first-ever British Gas website. Not directly of course, back then it was normal to be a ‘web design’ contractor – as most of the larger agencies didn’t have the necessary expertise in-house..

...Since then we’ve worked hard to transform the business to provide our clients with a more ‘rounded’ offering – we’re now what they call a ‘Full Service Digital Agency’! Sounds impressive?

And although it’s true, most of what we do these days lives in the digital realm, there’s plenty of output in the way of traditional print and advertising - so we prefer ‘Marketing Communications Agency’.

Over the years we’ve engaged with a multitude of clients, large and small from a wide range of sectors, with an interesting mix of B2B and B2C which has helped us develop what we believe to be a very useful perspective.

From day one we’ve been totally independent, maintaining our core skillsets in-house, unlike many marketing agencies that exploit the outsourcing model.

We’ve spent over 25 years refining those skill sets, adding new ones whenever it was required, and along the way we’ve delivered everything from good old fashioned, beautifully crafted marketing literature, attention grabbing websites, engaging video and motion graphics to a whole raft of successful lead generating campaigns, both on and off-line.

All designed to maximise impact and ultimately increase our clients' ‘bottom line’. We’ve proven time and again that an intelligently designed marketing solution can have a positive impact on almost any business. That’s why we believe in marketing that keeps on building. We follow six simple rules:

  • Listen to the client and learn everything you can about their market
  • Research their customers (and the competitors) and develop customer portraits
  • Segment and target the market appropriately
  • Produce a positioning and the creative assets that engage and build brand loyalty
  • Develop a strategy (based on SMART objectives) that dictates the optimum tactics
  • Then implement campaigns that win business and deliver on the objectives

These work well for both us and our clients!

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a metric which allows companies to track how likely their customers are to recommend the company to a friend or colleague on a scale of 0 to 10.

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a metric which allows companies to track how likely their customers are to recommend the company to a friend or colleague on a scale of 0 to 10.

0 – 6 is not likely. 7 – 8 is passive. 9 – 10 is very likely.

The important part - NPS is calculated by subtracting the percentage of detractors (those scoring 0-6) from the percentage of promoters (those scoring 9-10).

Omnisity’s score of +72 means the majority of our customers are promoters – we provide an excellent service which generates loyal and satisfied customers.

Not convinced? Try us out and see for yourself…

It's the people that make it happen

We truly believe that to get the most out of any relationship, it's good to know who you're dealing with.

Iron Man

Tony Stark

Managing Director, Marketing Strategy, Account Management

AKA - Gav
Getting on a bit now, but like they say - experience counts. Does occasionally wear a suit but generally not the metallic variety.



Technical Director, Web Development, Technical Support

AKA - Joe
He really can see the code and manipulate it to his own ends, not very good at the martial arts though.


Pepper Potts

Financial Director, Management and Reporting

AKA - Carolle
Where beauty and ruthless efficiency find a home, no number is too small or too large.

Trinity Nb


Account Management, Project Management

AKA - Nicki
Usually spends her time saving the day, managing accounts and fixing projects, all with a single phonecall.

Obi Wan


Art Director & Lead Creative, Photographer & Videographer extraordinaire

AKA - Mike
Hello there, the design is strong with this one, prefers to spend his days designing rather than fighting the darkside.

Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer

Marketing Execution, Content Creation, SEO and Website Optimisation

AKA - Rob
Loves surfing around monitoring the Digital Marketing landscape – just about young enough to keep pace with emerging trends.



Business Development, Account Management

AKA - Dave
Ruthless planning with meticulous detail and a sixth sense to find that new lead - not so keen on cigars these days but... 'loves it when a plan comes together'.

Jordan Belfort

Mr Belfort

Business Development, Account Management

AKA - Matt
A dashing office whizz, seamlessly combining a knack for sales, account management and smart attire.



Creative, Photographer & Videographer extraordinaire

AKA - Zak
When he's not recklessly going after the bad guys, he's deliberately & delicately dissecting distinguished design drafts for the good guys.

Esme Loislane

Lois Lane

Content and Copywriting, Marketing Execution, Content Creation

AKA - Esme
No matter the situation, rest assured that content is investigated and written with the utmost dedication.

Jord Dwight

Dwight Schrute

Marketing Execution, Content Creation and Website Optimisation

AKA - Jordan
SEO, PPC and Content extraordinaire - Unlike Dwight Schrute, from The Office, he's not notorious for a lack of social skills and common sense.



Marketing Execution, Content Creation and Website Optimisation

AKA - Matt | God of content creation, heir to the throne of website optimisation.



Content and Copywriting, Marketing and Social Marketing Executive, Content Creation and SEO & Website Optimisation

AKA - Jess
Strong, independent, focussed, is the type of mindset you need when filling so many roles.



Marketing Execution, Content Creation, SEO and Website Optimisation

AKA - Thulani
combined with great speed and strength, optimising web(sites) is easy when you have the spider-sense for it.

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