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Video motion graphics to inspire

Video is now the fastest-growing medium when it comes to marketing tools. It's not surprising, considering recent research showed that 46% of visitors who saw a video on a business website were inspired to take action.

Corporate video services with accurate research and planning that drive home the message to your target market.

Fully equipped video studio with infinity cove for a completely immersive product or presenter filming.

4K video equipment and industry recognised editing systems ensure your products or services look better than the competition.

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Marketing with a corporate film can be incredibly cost-effective

Video production is an inexpensive marketing tool thanks to our totally in-house corporate video services - not having to outsource any of the necessary processes means big savings all round. But on its own, creating a video isn’t enough. You’ve got to have a plan!

There’s certainly a defined process that needs to be adopted to get the best possible results from a production perspective. But even before that, doing the necessary research to uncover the best format, and the best broadcast channels makes a lot of sense.

First off, what’s the primary objective? Is it educational? Maybe an explainer video that helps demystify the perceived complexity of a new product or service, or a case study video that highlights what’s been achieved for your existing customers? Either way, video testimonials can be particularly effective at helping people through the sales funnel, especially at the ‘consideration’ stage.

Or maybe it’s purely a promotional video – if that’s the case, what’s the angle? In other words, what’s the positioning? Who are you aiming this at? What answers to questions can it provide to your ideal customer portrait?

Make sure your online presence benefits with corporate film designed to compliment your business goals!

Generally, the end goal of a corporate video services is to improve the bottom line, whether that be product demos to drive sales, brand awareness campaigns, or credential style corporate videos to engender trust.

“A picture paints a thousand words - but when it's a 60 second moving picture it's worth 1.8 million words”

Dr. James McQuivey - Forrester Research

Our Production Process

  • Briefing Icon
    1. Briefing and research stage

    This is the start of the process where the positioning (what you need to say and to whom you need to say it) is discussed based on the desired project outcomes along with the possible shots that can be included to help lift the final production. Additional research via secondary data is often required to ensure the final creative is on target.

  • Research
    2. Script writing phase

    After the initial research and client briefing stage the script is produced, developed from the agreed positioning. As most narratives are about 60 - 90 seconds we’ll need to ensure all the most salient points are covered. Once completed the script is presented to the client for approval.

  • Design
    3. VO auditions and score

    Where required we'll arrange for professional Voice Over artists to audition for the part, either male or female according to the client’s preference. We'll also search for and license the score (the background music) for use in the final edit. 

  • Development
    4. Radio edit / timings

    The chosen VO track is then mixed down against the licensed score to produce what's referred to as the radio edit. It's this edit that provides us with the timings that will be used to create the shoot list (the list of elements that we'll need to film based on the narrative).

  • System Presentation
    5. The shoot

    We use a multitude of cameras, lenses and ancillary equipment to provide the most diverse range of shots available. From electronic stedi-cams, to time-lapse systems and even drones for aerial shots. All camera equipment is full HD or above.

  • Propagation
    6. Final edit

    When the shoot is finished all the clips are sorted into categories for quality, style and composition. Appropriate clips are then laid down against the radio edit (soundtrack) where final colour grading, transitions and any special effects are applied. The end result is then output at various sizes and formats to be used on everything from smartphones, websites (YouTube) to huge plasma and projector displays at exhibitions and seminars.

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Elevating Mercia’s Image

"We were truly impressed with the final video outcome. Omnisity's expert touch transformed our factory, exceeding our expectations. The quality of the video and the impactful words used captured the essence of Mercia's story."

"The feedback we received from our clients has been outstanding. The video helps us stand out from our competition and we are confident that it will contribute to generating new business opportunities for Mercia."

Maddy | Mercia

Highlighting the history of Stourflex  and their long standing commitment to  quality

"From initial telephone contact, we had a meeting with Matthew who gave us a detailed but still an easy to understand proposal. We agreed with their opinions that the video and PSA campaign will bring us our best ROI for our industry sector. On the day of filming, Omnisity were polite and not intrusive at all. We came up with a script together and the final video was extremely impressive. We really appreciated how much Omnisity let us be involved, instead of just being dictated to."

Stewart Haydon | Stourflex

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High end film for Marchant Cain, an automotive engineering solutions provider

Taking welding and tube bending to the next level for RCT Manufacturing

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Maximise Your Reach

Repurpose Your Sales Video Across Multiple Channels

Different elements from your sales video can be repurposed and used to develop powerful social media campaigns for very little extra cost. Helping increase brand awareness across platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook.

Here are just a few examples of sales videos used across social media platforms.

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Since the beginning of 2021, LoneStar's brand has been seen on LinkedIn over 800,207 times, with video adverts being viewed 205,935 times. This has generated 3,347 website visits at an average cost per click of just £1.75. Our targeted approach has helped LoneStar Fasteners Europe achieve their desired outcomes, expand their reach and build their brand on social media.

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Social video for achieved;
Seen by over 16,000 individuals in the first month
Generated 100+ enquiries
Increased social following by over 300%

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