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Social media has increasingly become the place people go to research businesses and their products. It makes sense to advertise where people are looking. We provide paid social media services across the West Midlands, Birmingham, and beyond.

Paid social media ad services that place your brand in front of customers new and old.

Harness the scope of social media with data-driven and targeted adverts.

Unhindered dynamic campaigns with no fixed monthly fees.

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Swipes, likes & recommendations: it’s all about visibility

As a marketing agency, Omnisity creates social ad campaigns which place our clients at the centre of the action, keeping you in the conversation when it comes to your online community.

Whether launching a new product or promoting your services, Omnisity helps get your business talked about across many social media platforms by extensive audiences at all stages of the buyer journey. Attention-grabbing graphics, immersive videography, and copy which compels are all tied together by a carefully considered digital marketing strategy, and boosted by paid promotions, to ensure your campaigns reach relevant online audiences.

Grow Your Online Presence With Our Paid Social Media Services

We’ve created many paid social advertisements which grow our clients’ online presence and customer enquiries. From promotional videos to simple text-based ads, placing a well-crafted advert amongst relevant audiences has paid off time and time again in helping businesses gain exposure.

The Results for Lonestar Fasteners Europe

Since the beginning of 2021, LoneStar's brand has been seen on LinkedIn over 800,207 times, with video adverts being viewed 205,935 times. This has generated 3,347 website visits at an average cost per click of just £1.75. Our targeted approach has helped LoneStar Fasteners Europe achieve their desired outcomes, expand their reach and build their brand on social media.

By utilising our paid social media advertising expertise, LoneStar Fasteners Europe was able to achieve impressive results that have helped them grow their online presence and generate more leads. Our targeted approach ensured that their messaging was reaching the right audiences, resulting in an increase in website visits and brand exposure. By incorporating video motion graphics, we were able to create a more engaging and memorable experience for potential customers.

Overall, our approach to paid social media strategies helped LoneStar Fasteners Europe achieve their goals of increasing their online visibility and brand awareness. We are proud to have helped LoneStar Fasteners Europe reach their potential on social media, showcasing their products to a wider audience and boosting the lead generation for their business.

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How is Paid Social Advertising different from Conventional Advertising? What Do I Need to Know?

Advertising on social media has many similarities to conventional advertising – targeting audiences and driving sales. However, paid social advertising is more flexible than conventional advertising for a variety of reasons:

Modify Campaigns as You Go.

Receive regular reports and real time feedback from audiences, allowing you to modify your campaign whilst it is active for a better ROI.

Cost Effective

Paid social adverts are typically less expensive than conventional advertisements, with more flexible budgeting.

Great Return on Investment

The smaller, flexible budget of paid social advertising translates to a higher return on investment (ROI) when you attract sales.

Actively Interact With Your Audience

Grow your brand awareness and presence within your community by interacting with your audience on social media.

Target Specific Audiences

Conventional advertising relies on exposure to large audiences, whereas paid social advertising places adverts in front of specific demographics for a highly targeted approach with wide reach.

Global Reach

Audiences from across the world can be reached through social advertising, meaning campaigns are not restricted by time zones or geographical proximity.

Direct Link to Purchase

Adverts can be clicked on, sending users to your website or a custom landing page which provides users with a direct route to purchase a product or contact you.

What Is Paid Social Advertising?

Paid social advertising, or PSA, refers to any type of advert where a fee has occurred in order for it to be displayed on a social media platform, targeting specific audiences relevant to the platform. Money can be paid to platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube in order to display your advert on their channel.

How Does Paid Social Advertising Work?

Paid social ads work by inputting the firmographics your ad will target, and by placing a ‘bid’ on your business’ ad. Your financial bid lets the social media platform know how you should be charged (such as per click, or per conversion), and can also determine your reach and other factors which can affect the success of your campaign. The ad will then be displayed on the feed of the social media channel according to these variables, appearing to your target audience.

Running adverts on social media requires strategic planning and an understanding of the market. Once you’ve determined your campaign objectives, budget, and audience, you should create a tailored advert designed around this. You should then optimise your website with specialised ‘landing’ pages your audience can click on to from your advert. Building up your account’s presence on the platform your ad is displayed on further increases conversions as it demonstrates the legitimacy of your services. Finally, when your campaign has begun, your ad should be continually monitored and optimised for the best results.

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