"Omnisity have developed a system that not only allows us to maximize our funding streams, but also saves a small fortune every year in administration costs. It's worth its weight in gold."

Chris Luty
Managing Director

The Case Studies - BCTG

The challenge

Established in 1999 BCTG have grown to become a major player in the field of Training Consortia Management with UK wide contracts in excess of £12 million.

As new contracts rolled in new tools were needed to help BCTG staff manage the ever increasing volume of training partners and paperwork.

Business focus was changing and a system was needed to provide fast response to the demands of both consortia and stakeholders.

The solution

Working closely with BCTG’s management team we designed and developed a two pronged approach that addressed BCTG’s multiple audiences, and the technical issues associated with secure contract management.

A combined public facing website, company intranet, and secure ‘Partner only’ extranet were developed allowing BCTG’s staff to easily control the whole process of web and document management from a single screen.

The website breaks down audiences according to interest, while the management system assigns both page content and document downloads across the three sections. An online course booking system allows site users to book multiple delegates and automatically assigns course places and volume discounts.


The Intranet controls and maintains vital on-going contract performance data on a number of partners while the advanced tracking and reporting engine makes sure nothing goes un-noticed.

The intranet also manages a vast array of documents all organized by a version control system, while the ‘Partner only’ extranet allows BCTG’s consortia access to only the documents and information specific to that partner.

The outcome

The website has allowed BCTG to clearly define and distribute the relevant information to its key target audiences. The content management system combined with both the Intranet and the secure extranet have drastically reduced day to day management processes.

The contract management/tracking system has increased process efficiency by 40% and produced savings of at least £100,000 per annum, while the online course booking system has increased revenue streams and opened up new areas of previously untapped business.

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