Google Releases September 2019 Core Update

Core updates affect how Google’s all-knowing algorithm ranks pages and sites by deciding which are most helpful or relevant to a particular query. Whenever google rolls out these core updates it usually has an impact on the performance of your website, for better or worse.

There are always winners and losers – for every ranking lost by a page, that same ranking is gained by another. Google very rarely go into the specifics of the core updates (as you would expect from a company that is very secretive about the workings of its algorithms) but by analysing the pages and sites that have improved and lost, the marketing and tech community at large are often able to decipher the nature of the changes.

Early indications are that the September 2019 Core Update (which hasn’t been given a name just yet – watch this space) is another move against black hat backlink building, with some less scrupulous backlink providers reporting up to 20% losses of traffic.

So, if your site starts to perform badly the advice from Google themselves is to focus on creating content that is helpful and relevant to the reader, this will ideally lead to people creating links to your site organically, which is seen as a vote of confidence - that is what the algorithm rewards. For some helpful advice on what to do if your site is negatively impacted by this update click here

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